SMANAS Deluges UNEJ in SNMPTN 2019

The struggle of national entrance test (SNMPTN) fighters especially the XII graders of SMANAS eventually gave the amazing result. It was proven by some students admitted in Jember University (UNEJ) on the announcement of SNMPTN, Friday (22/3). Those who succeeded going to UNEJ are Anis Safela (XII Science 1) in Physics Education Department, Masfiatul Fatur Rahman (XII Science 2) in Physics Department, Riky Febrianto  (XII Science 2) in Chemistry Engineering Department, Malik Faturrozi (XII Social 2) in Geography Education Department, and M. Fitra Aditia (XII Language) in Indonesian Literature Department.

This year, 2019, the total of SMANAS students who passed SNMPTN has been significantly increased up to 150% compared to 2018. In addition, those students got Bidikmisi scholarship meaning that their college tuition were 100%  assisted by the Government. Besides, they will be given monthly money which is Rp700.000,00. However, that money can’t be used directly. It is usually given after three early months going to college. Therefore, SMANAS supported them to survive in the early three months. “Children don’t have to give much burden to their parents. They have to collect their allowance before the scholarship is given to them,” stated Mr. Drs. Rusdi. The way that should be done is get to work. “After passing National Examination, all students require to go working directly until before going to college,” added him. The earning money can be used for students to fulfill their living cost before the scholarship given. (hm/bya)

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