SMANAS Coupled Pascasarjana UM to Elevate Students’ Basic Potency

In celebrating Pesantren Ramadan, SMANAS cooperated with Psychology of Pascasarjana UM to elevate students’ basic potency. It was done through intellegence, talent, and interest tests. It was joined by all students of SMANAS and done by 34 personnels and 6 asessors from Psychology of Pascasarjana UM.

According to one of personnels, Mrs. Dian, this test consisted of some parts focusing on intellegence, talent, and interest tests. “The tests will be done two days consisting of intellegence test (cefit), talent test (scholastic: verbal and numerical), room relation, abstract, mechanic, and clerical accuracy,” told the lecturer of counselling in Ahmad Dahlan University. She also admitted that all these personnels of Pascasarjana UM team were from various professions starting from teachers and lecturers who did training in order to get the license of holding psycho-test.

“Those tests will give valid data regarding on the students’ existence,” said Drs. Rusdi, M.Si. The tests which were done for two days (16-17/5) gave positive contribution towards the students’ career progress. “It’s not only to help counselling teacher in identifying students’ basic ability, but also to increase students’ beliefs to manage themselves in the future,” added that headmaster of SMANAS. In addition, this test was the excellent service given by SMANAS to all students. Mr. Rusdi explained that the data analysis of this event would be documented in order to be the stepping stone of choosing college programs or job fields after the students have been graduated later.

All participants seemed very enthusiastic to join this psycho-test activity. This event ran so fluently. It was strenghtened by Achmad Riski, the student of XI Social 1. “Alhamdulillah, the event runs smoothly, although there are some confusing questions,” said Riski. He admitted that he joined those tests aiming to reveal his identity and found the appropriateness of college majors or job fields. “I wish this test is routinely done every year for all students of SMANAS, or it can be done periodically,” asked that Leader of OSIS SMANAS.

Besides, Febi Ardilla Pramestika has similar opinion who said that this psycho-test was so fun and it was able to be refreshing time after joining the final exam. “The event is so fun, Miss, and it can train our meticulous ability,” told that student of X Science 1. On the other hand, Fita admitted that this event made her so nervous that she was afraid not able to answer the questions.

Febi’s opinion was in line to Manda Rhisma’s. She was glad since those tests were able to help her to find out her talent, and also helped her to know the portrayal of contunuing to higher education. “By joining the test, we are able to know our personality, ma’am. It’s so fun and joyful,” said the student of X Science 2.

It was acknowledged warmly by Miss Inna Sholicha, the counselling teacher of SMANAS. She argued that through this event, it would help to identify students’ potency, talent, and interest. “All students are able to find out their own potency independently,” added her. Miss Inna also expected that the students would not be confused to choose their majors when they are in XII grade later.

Mrs. Novia Dewi agreed with Miss Inna’s statement. “I’m so happy with this event since the students are assisted to deepen  their own potency,” said her. One of this supervisor on XII graders admitted that the result of the test could ease her duty to help managing the students in selecting the college majors or job fields. (hm/bya)

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