SMANAS Cooperated with Bank CIMB Niaga

SMA Nasional Malang is one of the schools that had the opportunity to become the launching of Bank CIMB Niaga on Wednesday (19/9). The program contains the development of students’ knowledge about saving and sharing. The event which was held in the National High School hall was attended by a number of important guests, namely the head of P2PUTN, Mr. Kartiko, Commissioner of Bank CIMB Niaga, head of the financial services authority (OJK), bank Niaga community, head of SMP Wahid Hasyim, head of MI An-Nur 2, the head of SMA Nasional Malang, other invited guests and representatives of the students of SMANAS totaling 150 people.

The first program opened with a Bapang dance from SMA Nasional Malang students whose personnel came from classes X and XII. It is then followed by a speech from the head of the SMA Nasional Malang as the host of the Niaga bank event. According to the 52-year-old man, every day students can save only Rp. 2,000.00 not once a week or even a month. Every day even senior high school students fill the introductory bottles of success with 500 rupiah. The goal is to get used to saving and sharing with people in need. “Without sensitivity, there will be no success” said Pak Rusdi. According to Mr. Rusdi, with 500 rupiah or 2000 per day, then how about 1 week? How about 1 month or even 1 year ?. “With 2,000 rupiah a week, we can produce 14,000, if one month can be multiplied by 30 days, you will find 60,000,” explained the father of the role model of SMA Nasional Malang. The final word from the head of the SMA Nasional Malang was that if Djarum, Gudang Garam could become a donor of SMA Nasional Malang, then CIMB Niaga certainly could also.

The second remark is delivered by Mr. Jefri as a commissioner of Bank Niaga. He is someone who was born in Surabaya and very happy if he is in Malang. “Wong Malang is the semangat of kabeh,” (“All of Malang people are very passionate”) said the commissioner of the Niaga bank, when the enthusiasm of SMANAS students blazed to get education about saving and sharing. Adding education about saving from an early age is not only to someone who is formal but can also be done to students. Students are an important generation who must gain knowledge about the importance of saving and sharing early on. When Mr. Jefri went to Germany, he made a comparison between the economic conditions of Germany and Indonesia. “Mr. Taxi driver, how is the economy in Germany?”He asked the taxi driver. “By raising the interest rates of the German state,” answered the taxi driver. According to Mr. Jefri, even taxi drivers can understand very well the state of the country’s economists, how about the Indonesian state? Finally, the Commissioner of Bank CIMB Niaga has a chant:

Di Kota Malang ada kucing belang
hari sudah siang aku mau pulang
di Irian ada burung cendrawasih
cukup sekian dan terima kasih

After the symbolic gong opening of the bank program, students are invited to carry out the Olympics and some champions are taken. (ika // bya)

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