Thousand Joyful in A Biscuit

Sari Gandum: Enak Lebay, Laper Goodbye

A jingle was played showing that Smanas students and teachers had to go down to gather around on the field. It is the time for one of Mayora Group’s products-Sari Gandum– to show off. The event was opened by “Mbak Elsa”-one of the committees with full of joy and blissfulness. Then, the representative of all classes went forward to take the biscuits that would be given to all students.

“Well… Ta–daaa” It’s time to enjoy tasty and delicious Sari Gandum biscuit together under the shining sunlight😃😃😃 Happiness was spread around both students and teachers’ face while having meals. Hundred of Smile were scattered about all the jar of hearts that should be knitted each other.

The last but not least, all students had to return the biscuit packages back to the committee. It was a sign that the event has been finished. What we get from this 20 minutes event is not only gives us pleasure and teaches us togetherness, but also similar to Sari Gandum Slogan: Enak Lebay, Laper Goodbye. (hm)

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Berita Terkait

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