The Beauty of Sharing with Laba- Laba Squad

By Perdana Arief Sandy

That afternoon, when dusk began to unfold, happiness appeared on the faces of the children of XI Bahasa (Spider Squad) on Wednesday (5/15). Whilst awaits the maghrib adhan, the Laba-laba Squad joyfully distributes free takjil to Wagir residents and their surroundings. This activity was carried out in one of the member of Laba-laba Squad, Sahila.

The activity continued with the joint iftar and maghrib prayer in congregation. Also present, Mr. Arief as the hometeacher of XI Bahasa and Frau Mahiroh, their teacher who taught Germany.

Besides aiming to share happiness with the surrounding community, the event also aims to strengthen ties among the Laba-laba Squad’s family.

“I hope success will always be with all of you and hopefully all of you can be accepted into college according to your preference,” their hometeacher prayed for the Spider Squad.

Aamiin ya rabbal alaamiin

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