A Beauty Piece of Silaturrahmi

By: Binti Muroyyanatul `A.

A strong tradition is carried out when Eid al-Fitr is a silaturrahmi with relatives, neighbors, friends, even kiai and teachers. This is done one of them to perfect the fasting of Ramadan. When Ramadan, Muslims who believe in compete to do good, fasting for a whole month, fighting against lust accompanied by other Sunnah worship. During Ramadan, the affairs of each Muslim focus entirely on hablumminallah, namely matters of hamda with their Lord. Then, it was followed by zakat which is a means of purification. After the war against lust, Muslims can achieve victory in Eid Al-Fitr. That’s when Muslims who are successful in undergoing Ramadan are likened to newborn babies and purified from sin.

To achieve that perfect victory, the Muslims shook hands with each other, pray and apologize to fellow human beings. This is when hablumminannas occur. After a month of Muslims completing matters with Allah, then it’s time they also complete matters with fellow human beings. Usually, younger people come to the older ones. Usually the priority is also a close relative. Close here can mean close in term of blood relations or close in term of distance. Also, thing that is often done in society is sowan to people who are highly respected, such as kiai, teachers, superiors, and so forth.

That is what I also do. As one of the teachers at SMANAS, I am still thirsty for silaturrahmi especially for my seniors and teachers. The phrase “there are no ex-teachers and no ex-students” is true. The phrase “seek knowledge from the cradle to the grave” is also true. There are so many benefits that can be taken from silaturrahmi to teachers. First, we come to pray for one another and forgive each other for past mistakes. Second, we can shake and kiss their hands. This is where one of the successful paths we can take. Shaking and kissing the hands of parents shows our obedience and respect. This can bring God’s pleasure. Third, we can ask for blessings directly from the teacher. It would be nice in the silaturrahmi, we not only chat here and there and enjoy the meal, but also ask for blessings for the common good.

Fourth, we can exchange information and motivate one another. From my teacher, I always get new things, new insights, and new goodness. As someone who follows in their footsteps, I always learn a lot about how to organize classes, deal with students and parents, and so on. Of course this motivation is actually useful in general, not only for teachers. In addition, I also learned about the stories of other alumni who came up with a variety of unique stories at their workplaces. There is an alumni who works as a nurse, then he has an inner pressure when the doctor tells him to inject water into BPJS patients. There are also alumni who work in a company, then he has not been promoted for years because he broke the rules. The regulations he violated were to carry out Friday prayers.

Various stories can open our minds. The story also provides a lesson for us, that wherever you work, there must be challenges in each, what matter is how we face those challenges. That we do not need to hope for promotion from humans because the one who can increase our rank is the Almighty. That every teaches us to always be grateful. No matter how heavy something is, if we are sincere it will surely feel light and how light something is, if we are not sincere, it will feel heavy.

Of course, these benefits can not only be obtained when doing silaturahmi to the teacher, but also to relatives, neighbors, and anyone. Islam is always beautiful. The recommended Sunnah always has its own special value that gives a beautiful impression. Its usefulness has never escaped human life. These stories only show a piece of boon that can be obtained from silaturrahmi. What about other boon? I’m very sure you have got it even more beautiful. Let’s share the story, let’s reach for baraka.

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