Ready to Rock Chemistry Engineering, UNEJ

Name : Riky Febrianto Putra
Place, Date of Birth : Malang, 15th of January 2001
Address : Mendalanwangi Village RT 01 RW 03, Wagir, Malang
Hobby : Playing Football
Dream : Pilot
Father’s Name : Rubiono
Mother’s Name : Nuriana
Motto : “Membahagiakan dan membanggakan orang tua adalah tujuan utama dalam hidup saya”

Education Background :

  1. Pertiwi Kindergarten of Jombang
  2. Public Primary School of Mendalanwangi 01
  3. Public Junior High School 01 Wagir
  4. Nasional Senior High School of Malang
  5. Jember University, Faculty of Engineering, Department of Chemistry Engineering

One of Junior High School 01 Wagir alumni named Riky Febrianto Putra is successful to sculpt a great achievement by passing the college through SNMPTN. His passion on Chemistry subject brought him to be accepted at Jember University, precisely at one of favorite departments, Chemistry Engineering. Although living in an unfortunate condition especially about financial, the student who is from Mendalanwangi Village never gives up to gain his big dreams. “Being a pilot is my dream since I was a child, but the more mature I am, I just realize that the qualification of pilot is not mine,” confessed Riky to the interviewer. Consequently, Riky began thinking another things. Eventually, he decided to pursue his dream through Chemistry subject. “I love this subject since it is very exciting,” said Riky “I think that job possibility on Chemistry field is so great,” he added his opinion.

First, Riky was keen on Social subject since he was in Junior High School. In addition, he was appointed to be one of Social OSN participants se-Kabupaten Malang. However, he chose Science major when he came to Senior High School due to his parents’ request. Fortunately, his parents’ choice gave him a wonderful luck for this student who loves football. He could be one of Bidikmisi awardee by 100% free charge of college tuition fee for 4 years. Besides, he would like to struggle harder in order to get GPA up to 3.5 or cumlaude, pass the study smoothly, and able to work at industry company. The important thing for him is to be successful one in the future and able to make his parents proud. “I don’t have another choice, except must be successful, since I feel pity to my parents,” told Riky. He also confessed that he would like to replace his parents’ disappoinment because they couldn’t give better education for his brother. Therefore, it made Riky struggle to prove the best to his parents.

Riky confessed, the most frighten thing living at another town is about social intercourse. “I must be smart and get ready to adjust myself there, Miss, because I belong to the type of children who is easy to be influenced in social living,” argued Riky. Besides, the hardest thing is living separated from my parents to stay independently. “However, as a man, I must accept all risks from everything I have chosen,” Riky clarified his fear. This 18-year-old student also told his wishes for all of his little brothers and sisters at SMANAS to be fight for study harder and able to continue his study at the university through SNMPTN with more bombastic number. (hm)

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