Choir Ebi, Between UNESA and STTD Bekasi

Choir Ebi Dwi Aditya was born in a modest family. He is the youngest of two siblings. He never shows off. Mr. Sudarmanto, his father, has his own strategy to regulate the family economy and saves savings for his children.

A week after his birth, Choir was left by his father to do his tasks in Papua for two years. His father works in military (TNI), so he and his family were rarely gathered. “But, because of that, I became very close to my father,” Choir said.

Choir’s personality is formed by the upbringing of his parents. From the start, Choir really wanted to be a cop. However, the father suggested him not to immediately register to a police academy after graduating from high school. He has to go to college. As the time goes by, Choir also felt that he was incapable enough to join the academy. This SMANAS student, who graduated in 2019, is used to make plans in his life. Choir is diligently compiling a plan that will be carried out after graduating high school. Choir’s choice turned. The sequence he wanted to do was to take part in SNMPTN, SBMPTN, an official lecture, and to join the second session of police academy recruitment.

For Choir, the biggest key lies in one’s own abilities. “We must be able to analyze and measure our own abilities,” he said. His parents always hope that Choir could surpass his parents’ achivement. He was determined to be able to enter the “kampus kedinasan” and if he had not passed, he had to go to college. The study plan that he had made was shown to his father, mother and brother. His little family gave advice and supports that made him even more enthusiastic. “Because of my parents, I become more optimistic,” he added. Choir wants to be an authoritative man. Choir, who lives in Wadung, Pakisaji, does not want his family and him to be put down.

When becoming a student, Choir tends to be quiet, and did not tell his friends about what and how he would do to finish his plans after graduating from this high school. He never showed that he wanted to be a cadet. Since he was in 12th grade, Choir has focused on studying and doing the many exercises. He often went to the teacher’s house, and he seemed not to care about the time to get additional material. “The thing I like the most is teasing teachers so that they would be willing to be bothered,” said this child who was born in Blitar. December 2018, his strategy is more prepared From the start, he focused on seeing the achievement of learning values. The failure at SNMPTN also taught him a lesson.

When registering SBMPTN, Choir got reinforced advice to enter Surabaya State University (UNESA) and take Physics. Aware of his abilities, Choir was determined to be able to enter Physics in UNESA. It would be a place to seek knowledge if he failed to enter the “kampus kedinasan”. When seeing the announcement, with a lot of salawat, Choir was accepted at physics in UNESA. Choir followed the entire series of orientation activities for new students well and optimally. In fact, he is among the most active members and is asked to coordinate his group.

Even so, his enthusiasm for attending “kampus kedinasan” did not stop. His desire to enter the police department of traffic has been shifted to Sekolah Tinggi Transportasi Darat (STTD). Choir is diligently searching for information via the internet and videos. From there, he got a picture of semi-military life. Since STTD opened registration in April 2019, Choir had doubts. Choir did not want to waste his parents’ money. However, he was finally decided to continue to register. The father asserted that the railroad world system will continue to develop so that it has good prospects.

Starting in May – August 2019, the man who was born on February 7, 2001 took a series of tests that were quite draining his energy, time, and cost. Through, Choir follows administrative registration. After qualifying, he followed the second selection which is selection of basic abilities. Then, the third test is a test of academic potential and psychological test. Passing this stage of the test, Choir took the next stage of the test, which were safety, health, and interviews. Finally, in the last stage, pantukir, through the regional nursery pattern, Choir was declared accepted at D3 Perkeretaapian STTD on Wednesday (8/28). Thousands of registrants, Choir is one of 64 people who were accepted in this route. In the central nursery pattern, 32 people were accepted. “From now on, I have to organize my life mentally because life in military is pursued by science and military things,” Choir said while wiping his eyes that kept getting wet.

Of course the announcement made Choir’s parents proud. The efforts he did for a long time and the prayers of his parents were granted. Choir who had been hurt because the rank in his 12th grade dropped finally was able to pay for his pain. He is proud to prove that he managed to become a cadet. He always remembers his mother’s message that there is no need to feel pain because of rank in class. “The most important thing is where the future focus will be, said Mother,” Choir said.

The man who loves basketball admitted that his journey from Malang to Surabaya on the train turned out to be beneficial for him, which he was more often observing the train and its officers. His experience at UNESA, although it was brief, helped to provide valuable experience for him. However, Choir was sad. “My friends there and I are already close,” he said. “They say, if I go, it means they are birds that have lost their wings,” Choir said, wiping his teary eyes.

For this child of Mrs. Nurlaila, knowledge can be learned. He thinks that the important thing is to be obedient which means not against the parents. “Because whatever our plan, there must be supports from parents,” he explained. “If parents support us , surely in every prayer, they mention hope for us,” he added still with his wet eyes. In addition, Choir also said that the important thing was not to make the teachers angry, and to be polite to the teachers. Seeing the supports of his parents which are great, Choir wants to be able to send them to pilgrimage. He also hopes that his juniors can recognize themselves to achieve the bright future. “Starting from now, collect intentions and set strategies, don’t join it because of your friends, but you, yourself” said Choir, who is also an alumnus of SMPN 1 Wagir.

Responding to Choir’s trip, Drs. Rusdi, M.Si. said that there is no wasted knowledge. He advised that as long as there was time before leaving for Bekasi, Choir continued to go to UNESA. The head of SMANAS also advised Choir to leave properly. “The teacher is thirsty and their work is tiring,” said Mr. Rusdi. However, thirst and fatigue can pay off when they see their students succeed. “This is the destiny that you have worked for, studying hard, asking for additional lessons, going to the teacher’s house, all depend on perseverance,” Mr. Rusdi’s proudly said to Choir. He believes, Choir’s journey to achieve his dream can be a motivation for juniors, friends, teachers, and even other people out there. (bya)

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