Pioneer of Lectures from Wangkal

Name : Malik Fatur Rozi
Born     : Malang, February 22, 2001
Address : Wangkal Hamlet RT 39 RW 11, Kalisodo Village, Wagir District
Hobbies  : Playing games
Goals     : Entrepreneur
Motto : Continue to move forward without looking back

Educational background:
1. SDN Bedalisodo IV (2006 – 2013)
2. SMP Negeri 01 Wagir (2013 – 2016)
3. SMA Nasional Malang (2016 – 2019)
4. Universitas Negeri Jember, FKIP, Geografi Education Department (starting in 2019)

1. Member of DWC Club in SMA Nasional Malang
2. Member of Japanese Club in SMA Nasional Malang

A Person Who Seldom Makes Targets

Malik Fatur Rozi was born in Wangkal, a plateau region on the slopes of Mt. Kawi. Malik does not come from a rich family. At first, Malik did not want to be in SMANAS because he actually wants to enter vocational school. “But, in fact, I survived until now,” he joked. In their neighborhood, if there is someone who takes a high school level, they prefer choosing vocational schools with the assumption of getting a job directly. Malik, Mila Putri, and Eliya were the first children that enter senior high school. Many children in their neighborhoods do not continue school, but instead they choose to work. In fact, not a few women who graduate from elementary school, work briefly, then get married. The majority of the residents’ livelihoods are builder and factory workers, so do Malik’s parents.

Malik’s father is a builder and his mother is a housewife. Sometimes his mother also takes care of a certain family’s children. Malik is the youngest child in his family. His brother is married, and has his own home. His parents are not that healthy, too. Sometimes it is the thing that he should be considered more when he wanted to go far. Even from a financial standpoint, Malik did not want to ask for money to his parents often. It’s hard for him to talk about money to his parents. There are still many needs, and his parents still have to help his brother’s financial situation.

His parents did not allow him to go to college because it is far. His parents also got the influence from the surrounding environment that college cost much money. Their orientation is only about work or marriage. Malik often slowly invited his parents to talk, gave understanding and proved that not-rich people could go to college. On the other hand, when registering SNMPTN program, Malik felt inferior because he never ranked 1st in class. Malik only focused on SBMPTN. However, everything turned around when he saw the announcement. Malik passed SNMPTN at Jember State University majoring in Geography Education. His parents are so proud of him. His mother who did not graduate from elementary school and his father who never went to school really wanted Malik to get a higher education.

In his life, Malik tends to never think about a big target in his life. “I just let it flow because if it is targeted it can’t even be,” said Malik. The biggest motivation in his life is being able to realize the desires of his parents. Malik wants his parents not to have to work, but he should be the one who works to meet his needs. Malik firmly believes that the kindness that is done will be returned seven times by God. (bya)

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