Passed SNMPTN: The Next Man of Letters from Bustanul Ulum Islamic Boarding School

Name : Mochamad Fitra Aditia
Place, Date of Birth : Malang, 30 Desember 2000
Address : Jalan Raya Mendalanwangi RT 17 RW 05, Wagir, Malang
Hobbies : Drawing and Playing Musical Instrument
Dreams : Man of Letters, Painter, Entrepreneur, Teacher Father’s Name : Arifin
Mother’s Name : Purwatiningsih
Motto : “Menjadi Pribadi yang Sukses dan Membanggakan Orang Tua”

Educational Background :

  1. Al-Mashitoh 13 Kindergarten
  2. Mendalanwangi 01 Public Elementary School
  3. Bustanul Ulum Islamic Boarding School
  4. Nasional Senior High School of Malang
  5. Jember University, Culture Faculty, Indonesian Literature Department

The man of letters to be who comes from Mendalanwangi Village named Mochamad Fitra Aditia had the opportunity to continue his study at Jember University through SNMPTN. After professionally educated and not separated from the guidance of Bustanul Ulum Islamic Boarding School, continued by Nasional Senior High School, the student who is accustomed  to be called Adit, admitted that he felt grateful and happy to be given a golden opportunity to carve out his dream at higher level of education. “I am very happy to be accepted at Jember University and get suitable major that fixes my wish,” said Adit. Adit stated, he was indeed interested in literature world and keen on learning Indonesian deeply. “I also want to create a great work and dream, so that many people will recognize the work that I have made later,” added him.

In his life, Adit is one of the students who comes from underprivileged family. Once the economic conditions were getting worse, it led his parents having a big fight. “I get dizzy myself, Miss, my parents often quarrel because they don’t not have money to buy some food,” said Adit. Finally his mother sought some debt from our neighbors to cook his sister and he himself. In addition, Adit admitted that he sometimes sacrificed not to ask for some money because he was afraid his father would not have some money, except he gave money directly to him.

Despite these conditions, Adit was never discouraged to always have achievement, especially in the field of language. This student who is keen on some musical instruments also has strenght in terms of public speaking which made him repeatedly become an MC in several big events at Malang Nasional Senior High School. In addition, student who had become one of Student Organization members was always active in participating several competitions that were in accordance with his hobby i.e. music. Many dreams that he wants to reach in order to make his parents proud. He also wants to prove to all people around him who always underestimated that he might not go to college. As a result, it was proven through his achievement in breaking through SNMPTN 2019 and able to continue his study at university.

One of obstacles that Adit had to go through while attending school besides financial problem was that he often got sick, especially when he was in XI grade. That made him often miss a lot of lessons. Adit admitted, he was also often lazy to study because he was addicted to play games and affected by his friends’ mischief. However, he attempted to get up and carved the achievement as high as possible. One day, Adit had shed tears seeing a family coming down from the car. While praying within his heart, he dreams to be successful and able to buy a car to take a walk with his family.

Those become one of the inspirations for Adit to pick up his success joyfully. In addition, the student who is good at playing guitar plan to achieve a maximum GPA, which is 4. “The biggest motivation in my life is to change myself better than before within the parents’ problems to finance my sister and me,” stated Adit. According to Adit, his motivation also comes from his heart that he must be successful and make his parents proud as soon as possible. (hm)

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