Pure Blood and Sincerity within Inauguration Ceremony

All members of “Pasukan Pengibar Bendera” (Paskibra) of SMANAS gathered in the school hall by wearing their official attire. Both the candidate and the official members of Paskibra SMANAS who made a line on Friday afternoon (16/8). They got prepared to do the inauguration ceremony before conduct their duty to put out red and white flag on the following day, Saturday (17/8).

The headmaster of SMA Nasional Malang who became the ceremony inspector released the identity card of Paskibra candidate and changed into Paskibra emblem. Then, all Paskibra members uttered Putra Indonesia pledge and Tolok Dharma Mulya Putra Indonesia.

On his speech, Mr. Drs. Rusdi, M.Si. explained about the meaning behind red and white flag. “The red and white flag is sewn due to meaningful reason,” stated Mr. Rusdi. In addition, he compared the heroes’ struggle with the current condition. “Both the heroes and us posses similar blood’s color,” added him. Hence, he expected that all members of Paskibra SMANAS also have the same great enthusiasm as if red color of the heroes’ blood.

However, the red color that symbolizes fighting spirit is insufficient. It should be accompanied of the white color which symbolizes a pure heart and sincerity. Mr. Rusdi wished all Paskibra members to bring the pure blood and sincerity while doing their duty to hoist the red-white flag later. In addition, he expected that they became the great young generation to continue the strive of the previous heroes. After having a brief speech, all Paskibra SMANAS alternately did the tribute procession toward the red and white flag of Indonesia. (bya // hm)

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