Leadership Camp in the Golden Age of ITN

Representatives of SMANAS students participated in the leadership camp activity which took place at Campus 2 of the Institut Teknologi Nasional (ITN) Malang on Saturday (5/1). Leadership camp is a series of events from the 50th Anniversary of ITN Malang which was participated by a number of representatives of students and companions of high schools in Malang, ITN officials and guest stars. The guests who attended were Tenno Sujarwo, Faurry Handoko, Lia Candrasari and comedian, Arie Kriting, who were ITN alumni. The guest star also played a role as a speaker.

The first event was a speech from the Vice Chancellor of ITN followed by a game of all participants with ITN students.

Leadership camp is a means to be able to know about leadership, how to lead also explore knowledge for science. Themed “Eliminate Your Blind Spot”, Tenno Sujarwo said that even worthless waste can be processed so that it becomes a valuable item. “For example, biogas is derived from animal waste,” said the practitioner. According to Mr. Tenno, biogas is a renewable energy source.

After that, the material was continued by Faurry Handoko who talked about resetting the Karanglo campus 2. “Reset to green technology, where life must be beneficial from rubbish that is underestimated,” explained the ITN alumnus.

In line with Mr. Faurry, Lia Candrasari also said that a leader must be prepared under any circumstances. “Starting from a model, advertising star and even switch in the mining world, we must have enthusiasm, determination and persistence in living our passion,” said the ad queen. The ad queen title is a title that is held for in one year, she can star in 50 advertisements. “Success is not seen from the material, but goes in harmony with the passion and keep the spirit,” the model’s message.

Each speaker defines leadership with a variety of perspectives. “Opo leadership Iku?” (“What is leadership?”) said comedian Arie Keriting, opening the material. Speaking of themes, Arie the comedian believes that we must find a weak spot in ourselves. According to him, the weak point must be changed and used as strength. “How do you make yourself special? Find your weak spot first, “explained the man from NTT. For Arie, the stage is a means to turn weaknesses into strengths because on stage, he can express himself with his jokes.

“All the words are wise. If there is no real action, then you will remain silent and silent, “Arie said. (ika // bya)

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