• Name                           : Masfiatul Fatur Rohman Ardiansyah
  • Place, Date of Birth    : Malang, 31st of March 2001
  • Address                      : Gondowarso Street 1 RT 17 RW 06, Ngragi, Pandanrejo Village, Wagir District
  • Hobby                         : Reading
  • Dream                         : Scientist
  • Motto                          : Do what I say not what I do
  • Educational Background :
    • Dharma Wanita Gondowangi I Kindergarten (graduated in 2007)
    • Gondowangi I Public Elementary School (2007 – 2011)
    • Pandanrejo II Public Elementary School (2011 – 2013)
    • Wagir Public Junior High School 01 (2013 – 2016)
    • Nasional Senior High School of Malang (2016 – 2019)
    • Jember University, Mathematics and Science Faculty, Physics Department (beginning from 2019)
  • Organization:
    • Member of Youth Scientific Work at Wagir Public Junior High School 01
    • Member of Youth Scientific Work at Nasional Senior High School of Malang
    • Member of Student Organization at Nasional Senior High School of Malang

Behind the Struggle of the Walker

One of the Nasional Senior High School students who succeeded to pierce Jember University (UNEJ) is Masfiatul Fatur Rohman Ardiansyah. When he was a child, Fatur felt that he lived perfectly since having a complete family: father, mother, a sister and himself. However, his mother educated him strictly by giving many rules. He often felt confined toward that situation. As the time went by, such that education style made him accustomed to it. Then one day, his mother left him because of another guy. That incident made him feel free and could be more expressive. In addition, he compared his condition previously accompanied by his mother and after she left him. Instead of being sad, it has created new motivation for he himself. It was shown that he participated various competitions.

When he was in Junior High School, Fatur must always wake up earlier since he had to walk to the main road for 5 – 10 minutes. Then, he would wait for a ride in the edge of the road. His friends who were alone usually gave a ride to him. It is not only them, but also his relatives, neighbours, or even unknown people who gave him a ride.

One day, when Fatur was at VIII grade, he experienced a big shock on his life. “I’m in my lowest point that I feel up to now,” said Fatur, “My father neither has gone home for four semesters, paid for school tuition, nor took my report card,” explained him. Fatur admitted that he often skipped the class. At that time, Mrs. Elok and the counseling teacher at Wagir  Public Junior High School 01 motivated him. Consequently, Fatur was able to rise again until he made it to be TOP 10 at class, even  TOP 5. “I succeeded to forget all problems, and I focussed on school,” told him. In addition, he succeeded to have the highest grade of National Examination in Wagir District. “I was very proud of me. Despite facing great pressure, I could break my limit, ” added Fatur.

By the support of his Junior High School teachers, Fatur enrolled to Nasional Senior High School which provided scholarship for its students. At Nasional Senior High School, Fatur felt that he got a new family. He realized that the condition he experienced was still better than some of his friends. Since he was in Primary to Junior High Schools, he never had bestfriend. However, when he was at Nasional Senior High School, Fatur confessed that he eventually found the meaning of bestfriend and togetherness. One of his valuable friends for him is Choir Ebi. “Choir is my bestfriend during my 12 years of schooling,” said Fatur, “Choir is the one who understands me the most and able to change my attitude, even remind me when I do the wrong thing,” explained him.

Passing the university entrance national selection (SNMPTN) makes Fatur more enthusiastic that he must be successful. Moreover, Fatur is chosen as one of Bidikmisi awardee. Therefore, he does not need to overthink about tuition fees because it has already been guaranteed by the government. Fatur wants to prove to his mother and family that even though he is ignored by them, he can succeed.

Since he was in elementary school, he have been interested in writing a diary. “I want to be a scientist,” said Fatur. Fatur admitted, his biggest motivation is from his own dreams. In addition, he wants to change his environment because there were almost no scholars in his residence. Fatur has big dreams. Inside his target, he wishes his study on Bachelor degree will be passed excellently. After that, he will get to work for several years; then, he wants to continue his Magister and Doctoral in Europe. After being successful, Fatur dreams to take care of his family and help them to pay their debt.

Up to this current time, father of the walker still often neither go home and give him some  money. Fatur also has to walk to the main road to find a ride to school. When he was in Senior High School, Dimas and Hanafi often gave him a ride to school. Sometimes, when both Dimas and Hanafi were unable to give him a ride, he had to wait for 30 minutes to an hour until there was someone passed by and gave him a ride. When going home from school, Fatur had to walk for miles again, unless someone gave him a ride. One day, he walked home for two hours until Maghrib, and he arrived home. “It’s a fun thing, Ma’am, walking,” he said. For him, he used his walking moment to build his dreams. Fatur said he was never tired, as well as complaining when he had to walk. “It’s enough for me to feel exhausted physically. I’m accustomed to feel it, I have been immune to face it, ” added Fatur. (bya)

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