By Akhmad Mustafa, SS, S.Pd.

If in Indonesia have Mother’s Day which falls on December 22, then does in Indonesia have Father’s Day? So, if it exists, what date is it falls?

Well, in general Indonesia’s calendar does not explicitly mention father’s day. But, do you know, we have celebrated father’s day every year implicitly? Even not only in Indonesia, but also in around the world, especially Muslims.

Often we are unaware that we celebrate the Father’s day on the 10th of Dzulhijjah. Yes, 10 Dhulhijjah or often we called it Eid Al- Adha or Eid Qurban. Therefore, what’s the relationship between Eid Qurban and Father’s Day? If we pay attention and take a look at things from the different perspective, that is from the history of the birth or the creation of an Eid Qurban, then it can be said that the Eid Curban can be said as the father’s day.

Do you still remember about the origin of Eid Qurban? If we remember, there will be some figures in these origins. Well, Prophet Ibrahim (AS) and the Prophet Ismail (AS) were two figures who played a role in the creation of Eid Qurban. It is narrated that the Prophet Ibrahim (AS) is a prophet who has a wife, but until his 80s had not been blessed with a child.  Then, Prophet Ibrahim (AS) prayed.

Allah blessed the prayer of the Prophet Ibrahim (AS). Prophet Ibrahim (AS) had a child at the age of approximately 85 years. Long story short, one day Prophet Ibraham dreamed of slaughtering his son, Prophet Ismail (AS). Having this dream, Prophet Ibrahim (As) came to his son and told him about his dream. Prophet Ibrahim (AS) asked for opinion about the dream to the Prophet Ismail (AS) Prophet Ismail (AS) replied that he has to carry out what Allah SWT has commanded. When both of them surrendered and the Prophet Ibrahim (AS) laid his child to be slaughtered. Then, a voice was heard to replace Prophet Ismail with a ram.

That is a brief story about the origin of Eid Qurban. Apparently, Allah SWT tested Prophet Ibrahim (AS) How hard it is for a father to wait for a child in a long time, but when he gets a child, he will soon have to be willing to lose. Indeed, the affection of the Prophet Ibrahim (AS) for his son, the Prophet Ismail (AS) was tested by Allah. A very big sacrifice for the Prophet Ibrahim. A father’s sacrifice on his family and God.

(The author is a teacher of Indonesian Language and Literature at SMA Nasional Malang and is active in the Theater field.)

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