Enhance Creativity through Extracurricular Fair (MPLS SMANAS: Day – 2)

The red uniforms worn by all teachers and new students decorated SMA Nasional Malang. They welcomed the day with a great new spirit by joining some activities on the second day of MPLS (16/7). Green school where demanded all students to bring either “Sri Rejeki” or “Lily Paris” flower was one of the activities teaching them to love the school environment. After put it into the school garden, they were led to the school hall to join the following agenda i.e. SMANAS extracurricular fair.

First, PASKIBRA SMANAS was uproariously showing the wonderful lines like an army squad. Its objectives was not only about establishing the great lines (PBB), but it also aimed to build strong characters such as discipline and firm through various formation showed. The presentation also included the explanation of PASKIBRA costumes.

Second, opened by the performance of singing a song escorted by some musical intruments, Mr. Budi as the supervisor of music extracurricular told all new students not to be hesitate to study about music. “We’re going to learn from zero. All things will be taught later,” said Mr. Budi. Then, Lidya (XII Science) closed the fair by singing a beautiful song. “Those who can sing this song, let’s sing together,” invited Lidya.

Third, Indri (XII Language Class) and friends, SMANAS dance group, had been successful to show a great performance and make the audiences stunned. Besides, one of dancers explained some achievement got by SMANAS dance. It was then followed by the performance of Garuda traditional dance that had always been presented to open some important event at SMANAS. Two beautiful students, Kustiani Widi (XII Science) and Feronika (XII Social) showed the dance very gracefully.

Similar to the previous extracurricular, English Conversation Club (ECC) SMANAS brought the impressive performance which was story telling. It was about Roro Jonggrang legend told by Kharisma (XII Language Class). Then, it was followed by the presentation led by covering some activities conducted at ECC. Besides, ECC spread some stickers as well as the recruitment form to all new students. To close the presentation, Diniyah, the leader of ECC, led all ECC squad as well as all students to shout ECC’s Jargon. “Be Brave Be Yourself…..,” shouted all students enthusiastically.

The creativity presented by all extracurriculars was still getting greater. It became hotter when it came to the journalistic squad. Under the name of Organisasi Pers Siswa (OPS) PERSPEKTIF and led by two wonderful students, Maret and Avenica, they beautifully presented the strenghts of joining journalistic through attractive video. “If you never have writing masterpiece, you’ll be extinct and no one will know you,” Miss Yana, the supervisor of Organisasi Pers Siswa (OPS) PERSPEKTIF, emphasized why we should actively write something.

The next extracurricular fair was drama theater that has been successfully performed a wonderful show related to students’ characteristics while at class. All audiences laughed and felt entertained by ridiculous action presented by Mr. Mustafa and three students: Farhaan, Aldi, and Dimas Al-Hafid. “As SMANAS students, we have to be Ready. Ready for everything,” told Mr. Mustafa, the supervisor of SMANAS theater, who became one of characters on drama. The performance was closed by Dalang Dimas Al-Hafid who showed Wayang containing meaningful value. “We must be diligent, so we can be smart and continue our study to the university later,” Dalang Dimas gave the message to all new students.

One of extracurriculars which was related to the cullinary field also presented its objective. Guided by Miss Santi, SMANAS students were expected to be able and productive on cooking. “By the existing Tata Boga extracurricular, we wish SMANAS will have some unique products that can be one of our brand and characteristics,” wished Mrs. Titin accompanying Miss Santi on the presentation. In addition, SMANAS has had catfish and dye that would be cultivated as Abon. “Maybe all of you are interested to cook like Master Chef, I’m going to tell you about the technique,” added Miss Santi.

The eighth presentation came to Deutsch Welle Club which was led by Velin (XII Language). It showed a video regarding some performances of Story Telling, News Reading, and Music Arrangement using Deutsch language that was so amazing. In addition, it presented the video consisting of the way to mention Alphabet on Deutsch. “If you are interested to join Deutsch Welle Club, you can register to us,” instructed Kharisma (XI Language), one of the speakers.

The various expertise were still flowing to be presented by SMANAS students, especially from XI and XII graders. It was in line to Ferry (XII Science) and Andri Purwanto (XII Athlete) who presented one of traditional self-defense, SILAT, that became one of extracurriculars at SMANAS. “By learning self defense, not only men but also women can protect ourselves,” emphasized Ferry. In addition, there were two of new students who  had joined SILAT previously and they performed one of SILAT techniques wonderfully. The situation was getting more interesting when Andri presented solo performance regarding of some SILAT techniques.

The last fair was from Hockey. The coach was so enthusiatically on presenting some aspects regarding the contumes as well as the equipment of Hockey. “For your information, Hockey is the second most expensive sport in the world,” told the coach. He also argued that even if the ball used at Hockey was so small, but the price reached a thousand hundred rupiahs. Then, he explained the costume of Hockey goalkeeper that was displayed by Deni Mario (XII Science). The coach emphasized the strenghts of being Hockey athlete on his presentation. “We are as an athlete will be safe for not doing bad attitudes like smoking, using drugs, etc. and you’ll have many friends by joining Hockey,” added him.

The agenda then followed by the division of new students to their own classes. They also met their Class Supervisor to have small coordination for decorating the class. Putri Maharani gave her positive comment to the agenda of MPLS on the second day. “I’m so happy up to this day. I can get friends not only from my MPLS group, but now I can meet all friends at my new class,” said the student who belong to X Science 1. (hm)

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