Echoes of SMANAS on The Sky of Ellite UNIKAMA 2019

English Conversation Club (ECC) of SMANAS team came back to accomplish one of its outdoor programs which is Story Telling and Speech contests held by English Literature Department of Kanjuruhan University (UNIKAMA) on Sunday (7/4). The event was followed by four representatives of ECC who were sorted first from pre-test. They are Ulil Maidah (X Science 1) and Kharisma Dia Rochmah (XI Language) for Story Telling Contest, while those who are appointed to join Speech Contest are Lilis Oktavia (X Science 1) and Nur Ma’rifatud Diniyah (XI Science 2). It demanded all of the participants including the four students of SMANAS to show their  best performances under the themes of Fairy Tale for Story Telling and Unity in Diversity for Speech.

On this great event which was followed by various students of public and vocational high schools in Malang Raya, the four students of ECC Smanas gave their best and remarkable performances on the stage. On Story Telling contest, Ulil who brought “Thumbelina” story and Kharisma who showed her story entitled “Snow White and The Seven Dwarves” had been successful to attract the audiences’ attention through wonderful shows supported by well-prepared properties. Ulil stated that she was very happy and enjoyed the competition so much although she felt a little bit nervous for the first time before presenting her story. Besides, Kharisma also shared her feelings about joining the competition, “It’s a very JOOSS competition. I feel enjoy to be a story teller,” stated this student of XI Language class. She also confessed that one point she preferred the most from this current competition is that she was appointed to be Ala-Ala Princess, not being a silly or ugly woman on her previous competition.

Unlike on Story Telling Contest, a small obstacle happened during the preparation of performance. Diniyah who was one of participants on Speech Contest got terrible sick. “This is my first moment when I have to deliver my speech in a bad condition, but I will try and show my best to accomplish this competition,” stated her.  In addition, it also happened to Lilis who admitted that she was very afraid to show her speech. “I’m afraid because it’s my first experience to join English speech competition. However, what I can learn is I have to be brave and do my best,” said Lilis. Nevertheless, they remained echoing the sky of UNIKAMA by delivering their speeches with remarkable performances.

In the end of the competition, the committee announced the result of TOP 5who would continue their journey to the grand final on next Monday, 22nd of April 2019. As a precious result, two out of four of SMANAS’ representatives were included to the list of the TOP 5. Both of them are Kharisma for the Story Telling and Diniyah for the Speech. Diniyah admitted that she was grateful to be able to gain that achievement. “Certainly, I am so happy and I don’t think that I can go to grand final because of my poor health,” stated her. Based on the announcement result, as a matter of fact, all participants from SMANAS were on TOP 7 that presented Kharisma was on the 1st rank while Diniyah was on the 4th rank out of the TOP 5. Besides, Ulil and Lilis also got similar achievement which was on the 7th rank of all participants. It meant that they almost approached the list of TOP 5.

 “Starting from the earlier struggle, I remembered how hard we did and prepared to make our dreams come true which is becoming the winner of the competitions,” said Miss Vivin, one of ECC supervisors. She admitted that the team have practiced every day, prepared all properties, checked the backsound, revised the text, and adjusted the time. “I am very proud of us to be one of the TOP 5 on this competition,” added her.  One of this English teachers also explained that this competition was be able to become the stepping stone for Ulil and Lilis in order to be better on the next chance. Meanwhile, she wished Diniyah and Kharisma can do their best and be the 1st winner on the grand final later. (bya//hm)

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