Double Kill: SMA Nasional Malang Grabs Double Wins Overnight

“GO SMANAS GO, GO SMANAS GO!” shouted SMANAS supporter team showing their enthusiasm to support  the volleyball team who was having a match. The students of the athlete class swung their hands to swoop in the ball beautifully in order to conquer the opponent.

At that time, Saturday (10/26), SMANAS volleyball team struggled to win the title in two different places. Starting at 18:30 WIB, on the volleyball court in front of the A3 building of Universitas Negeri Malang (UM), spike by spike was carried out perfectly so that the first victory in the final round was carved with captivating results. The name of SMANAS successfully soared as the first winner in TRISULA CUP 2019 throughout Malang Raya. The SMANAS volleyball team did not let the opponents score and managed to carry a 3-0 victory over SMAN 1 Turen. “SMANAS is ready to compete with its enemies and is ready to win,” said Pak Mukaram, a SMANAS teacher during the sidelines of the competition.

The tournament which was held by Faculty of Psychology UM ended smoothly and produced 3 champions. The first winner is SMA Nasional Malang, second winner is SMAN 1 Turen Team A, and third winner is SMAN 1 Turen Team B. In addition, being the first winner, the SMANAS volleyball team also took home a certificate of achievement, trophy, and fresh money.

“Seeing the extraordinary interest this year, Alhamdulillah, the purpose of this event has been well achieved, which is to regain interests in volleyball,” said Fahmi, chief executive of TRISULA CUP 2019. He also said that volleyball needs to be preserved because, especially in Malang, volleyball is often underestimated. “I hope through this tournament, the juniors from SMA/SMK/MA can be increasingly motivated to improve their skills in volleyball,” he added.

Ms. Sujiati stated that she was very proud of the achievement of SMANAS, especially towards her son. “I am proud, as a parent, to see the achievements of my child as one of the SMANAS volleyball team,” said the mother of Berryl Arizha, a member of the SMANAS volleyball team. The father also stated that he was very enthusiastic to improve Berryl’s skill in playing volleyball. “We support 100% and we even prepare anything Berryl needs before competing, for example shoes, costumes, and so on,” added Mr. Nasikin.

After the TRISULA CUP tournament, the struggle continued in another arena, namely PARANGARGO CUP. Starting at 21:30 WIB, after warming-up, the SMANAS volleyball team competed again to win the match. Bombastic support again adorns the Parangargo arena. Hundreds of spectators from various villages gathered around the field, and were ready to be the witness of the final round between SMA Nasional Malang team and the Pandanlandung team.

Drama began to wrestle the defense of the two teams. An extraordinary smash led both teams in positions  2-2. From the first set to the fourth, the position of SMANAS against Pandanlandung is 21:25, 30:28, 25:12, and 16:25. In other words, they bet towards the fifth set as deciding round. “I support SMANAS until the end. I am very proud to see the children who are still in school to have an extraordinary talent,” said Mr Suriyat, one of the Parangargo residents who also watched the match.

Getting late and cold, the night accompanied the deciding round in the fifth set. The audiences began screaming and screaming enthusiastically for the winner. With the remnants of strength that had been drained in the previous match, finally the SMANAS volleyball team was ahead of Pandanlandung team, with a score of 15-10. SMANAS volleyball team succeeded in bringing a trophy, certificate, and a sum of money given directly by Pak Lurah of Parangargo. At the end of the event, the tournament which was the inaugural program in Parangargo Village and sponsored by SMA Nasional Malang also share several door prizes.

“I am proud of SMANAS volleyball team’s victory. My heart is beating so fast that it’s hard to breathe throughout the game,” said Ibu Dewi, one of the spectators at PARANGARGO CUP. She also stated that the Pandanlandung team which is famous for its consistency of extraordinary strength has now found a comparable opponent. “Moreover, that comparable opponent is students of SMA Nasional Malang. I am really proud and touched to see it,” she added.

Rama Ayub Kusuma, one of the players on SMANAS volleyball team, expressed his gratitude that he could not hold back his tears. “I am very grateful, I thank God for giving extraordinary favor to SMANAS to win first place twice in one night,” said Rama. He admitted that he still did not believe he could win at Parangargo because he saw that his opponent was very strong, while his strength had been drained at UM.

Another thing that should be proud of is the election of Berryl Arinzha as the best player, and Abdillah Iklasul Amal as the best tosser of SMA Nasional Malang. Abdillah claimed to be very grateful for the victory that he managed to achieve with his team two times in a row. He also did not have any idea to be the best tosser. “Alhamdulillah, Ma’am. I am proud of this victory. Our struggle is not in vain. It means that we also have to work harder in the future,” he said.

The same thing was expressed by Berryl. “I am happy and grateful because of the prayers and support from friends and teachers, Miss. I just hope that after graduating, we can still get together and get another achievement,” said the best player in this PARANGARGO CUP. The Vice Principal of Student Affairs at SMANAS also expressed her gratitude for this double kill victory. “They have struggled with their best,” said Mrs. Eka Listyaningsih. She explained that those children actually took part in a tournament in Pasuruan, but they could only go to the quarter-finals. “But it has been redeemed by winning first place in two tournaments at once,” she added proudly. She hopes that the children will still be humble. “Achieving achievement does not mean being proud. Victory is not the end of everything because there are still many opportunities to be fought for,” she concluded. (hm // bya)

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