Burn the Spirit to Strengthen Solidarity

(Indonesian Independence Commemoration ~ Day 2)

The great celebration of NKRI Independence was continued for the second time. The event which was held within the outdoor concept became much more extraordinary since all SMANAS students screamed their cheers out loud. Besides, they sang some songs to show both their nationalism towards Indonesia and support to the participants accompanied by natural musical instruments such as gallon, bottles, tin can, etc. Similar to the previous day, there were many competitions that should be joined by all classes.

The event held on Thursday (15/8) was started by singing Kebyar-Kebyar song to burn the spirit of all students who have been gathered around the school field. Then, to open the event officially, the committee of the event asked the representatives of some teachers and KPL teachers to join Estafet Tepung competition where they were divided into groups of six and challenged them to hand over the flour put in a plate starting from the first member to the sixth member and viceversa. This competition aimed to give the portrayal for students that they would be given the challenges that measured their solidarity each other.

The first round consisted of Kreasi Merah Putih Lezat which should be submitted at the headmaster vice’s office to be assessed by the judges and Paku Botol competitions done at the school field. On Kreasi Merah Putih Lezat competition, the students were asked to cook some food under the theme of Indonesian flag’s color i.e. red and white. It was then decorated as beautiful as well by  two students as the representative of each class. Meanwhile, Paku Botol competition meant the participants should put a nail into the hole of a bottle. However, the unique thing of this competition was on the total of the participants that contained five members for each group. Those five members were tied of five ropes that would be united to the nail. They were also demanded to run first to reach the bottle and manage their balance in order to put the nail perfectly to the hole. Definitely, the actions of participants invited all laugh and cheers from all students who sat in a circle gathering with their own classes.

            “”Alhamdulillah, it’s so fun and I feel happy to join all activities today,” said Indri, one of XII Language students. Similar to Indri, Ryan who is from XII Science 2 also delivered his positive feedback towards the activities conducted. He confessed that he felt the event was so wonderful and passionate although he argued that the competitions should be added many more.” The competitions should be added to challenge us better,” added the boy whose hobby is playing guitar.

            The second round came to some competitions related to the water, turning around, then running to achieve something. They consisted of Slentek Mumet, Pukul Air, and Karung Jongkok. On Slentek Mumet, the participants should be turned around for ten times before they ran as fast as possible to flick an orange fruit put on a hole of a bottle. Of course, the participants were demanded to concentrate well within their dizziness after turned around.

          Pukul  Air  competition required the students’ brevity to beat the water put into the plastic. They had to run with the tied hands and legs. It was the challenge that should be solved perfectly if they wanted to be the winner. Similar to Pukul  Air, Karung Jongkok also asked the students to run by jumping as fast as possible to be the first who arrived at the finish line. However, the participants were put in a sack and their head wore a helmet. As usual as well, the other students yelled their slogan and screamed out loud within spirit of ’45. They were burned to support their friends who gave their best struggle even if there were some of them who fell and slip away.

Mr. Budi, the Art teacher of SMANAS, admitted that he was so impressed of the activities conducted today. It was in line to the Biology teacher who stated that these kinds of activities were so important to do. “The activities are able to increase students’ solidarity, togetherness, and sportive soul that lead to the nationalism,” said Mrs. Novi. She also stated that celebrating Indonesian Independence Day was not really hard nowadays because we were just screaming out “MERDEKA” rather than the heroes who struggled extremely to compete for the colonialists.

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