Behind the Curtain of the Success of Students of SMPN 1 Pakisaji: Passing SNMPTN 2019

  • Name                                      : Anis Safela Anggraeni
  • Place, Date of Birth                : Malang, August 6, 2000
  • Address                                   : Jl. Embong Turi RT 01 RW 03 Bunder, Pakisaji, Malang
  • Hobbies                                   : Swimming
  • Goals                                       : Doctor / Teacher
  • Father’s name                         : Suparman
  • Mother’s name                       : Mistin
  • Motto                                      : There is no need to force the will because God knows better what is best
  • Educational background         : 1.
    • TK Muslimat Nurul Huda
    • SD Kebonagung 02
    • SMP Negeri Pakisaji 01
    • SMA Nasional Malang
    • Universitas Negeri Jember, FKIP, Department of Physics Education

Anis Safela Anggraeni, an alumni of SMPN 1 Pakisaji, passed the university through SNMPTN on March 22, 2019. It carved a great dream to become a successful child figure in the eyes of her parents. Living in conditions that are still lacking, the condition of a sick mother and debts, she finally succeeded in proving that she was a decent student to compete in the SNMPTN path. Although there was a hindrance from her parents’ permission to live in another city, her parents’ happiness and gratitude immediately came out when they heard the announcement. The parents accepted and supported Anis’s journey to a foreign land to become a bachelor.

Being accepted at the first choice, Physics Education at Universitas Negeri Jember made her excited because she had been given the opportunity to continue her study. “I actually want to become a doctor. However, God wishes that I will be directed to become a teacher through my department,” said Anis. Although not in line with her ideals, Anis is still grateful to be accepted in this SNMPTN. “I come from underprivileged circles, in fact I once thought it was impossible to go to college,” said the student who had served as chairman of the MPK.

Anis who received the Bidikmisi Scholarship admitted that there were a lot of steep stones that made her mental up and down, including insults that came from neighbors around the house.

“I don’t believe that a child of a poor family can go to college,” this kind of statement is always ringed in Anis’s ears and actually pumped her will to always improve her achievement.

In addition, it turns out that there is a figure who becomes an inspiration and motivator for Anis, especially in her success in the field of Science. He is a science teacher at SMPN 1 Pakisaji, Mr. Suraji. Anis was also very motivated by the words of Mr. Rusdi that despite being in a position of an average ability, even less in financial terms, we must look for something good to be able to achieve success.

Although she was scared when imagining being away from home, parents and closest people, and scared of the possibility that she might not be able to eat there, Anis remained confident that she would succeed in overseas. In fact, she also wants to continue her studies, which is to take master degree ​​later while carving out hopes that she can realize her mother’s dream to become a lecturer. “The totality of the teachers at SMANAS always inspires me and I am very grateful for all the help that has been given until SNMPTN result was announced. Hopefully I can become a teacher like the teachers at SMANAS,” Anis hoped. (hm)

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