An Effort to Increase a Sense of Kinship

The holidays are often used by students to play in a variety of tourist attractions, travel with family, visit relatives in and out of town; some are throughout the vacation just stay at home. X IPA 2 Students of SMANAS use the beginning of their holiday to tighten their solidarity. This is done to make their bond like a true family, in accordance with the name of the class, Tenth Grade of Science Two Brotherhood (Grasibo). Grasibo chose to hold this event at start of the holidays so that all of the class members were not busy with their own agendas. Accompanied by the homeroom teacher, they left for Sumber Sira, Gondanglegi, on Tuesday (18/12). Sumber Sira Tourism was chosen because the location is not too far and does not require a lot of money. In addition, the water is clear and the scenery is beautiful.

When they arrived at the location, the students immediately changed their clothes and threw themselves into the water. Shouts and screams sprang up, ranging from happiness, laughter, to screams of fear. Students who cannot swim remain enthusiastic by riding a rented tire. They had made a long row of tires that were mounted and chained to make it look like a train. This attracted the attention of other visitors, proven by many who saw and even laughed.

The togetherness of students while in the water makes them free to express their feelings, without distance, and to say everything honestly. Various emotions emanate as they are, without making it up. They looked at each other, helping each other, also sharing with each other when opening food and drinking supplies. In addition, fatigue and stress disappear. They hope that the togetherness and brotherhood that is established will not be limited to class X IPA 2, but as long as they are in SMA Nasional Malang even until they become elderly. (bya)

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