A Step to Share and Improve the Success on JTV

In order to share motivation and “secrets” why SMA Nasional Malang became the best private high school in Indonesia, JTV invited Drs. Rusdi, M.Si. to do an interview. The program which was broadcast live on Friday (18/1) was titled “The Inspirator”. The program which contained questions and answers lasted for 60 minutes, starting at 3.30-16.30 WIB.

During the event a lot of people participated by telephone. The questions asked were answered with great motivation by the headmaster of SMANAS, the term for SMA Nasional Malang.

The question asked is about how SMANAS became the best private school in Indonesia, which was once only a small school and even the school almost left by name only.

“The first thing to do is to have a commitment. The commitment that doing something must have a target, and the target is to complete the children we foster into someone who is needed by the community, “said Mr. Rusdi’s answer to a question from Ms. Nanik from Lawang. Ms. Nanik asked how SMANAS changed her image from a school containing bad children to what it is today.

Much appreciation was given by the parents/guardians by telephone regarding the step in mindset change by Mr. Rusdi. They were very grateful for the services of Mr. Rusdi and SMANAS teachers. Many are also very enthusiastic to enroll their children in SMANAS.

Mr. Rusdi and all the high school teachers always instill in their students that what we do for others will be rewarded by God. “Be the cause of other people’s success, then you will be made successful by God. Be the cause of other people being happy, then God will be the cause for you to be happy, “said Mr. Rusdi.

“Don’t feel greater and don’t stop,” said Mr. Rusdi again. “Because, maintaining is more difficult. When maintaining is more difficult, then what needs to be done is to improve, “he explained.

That is what Mr. Rusdi often says that is able to motivate students to further improve and maintain the potential they already have. (apps / ftm / fbi // bya)

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