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Holiday Once, Make It Meaningful!

By Binti Muroyyanatul `A.

“Libur telah tiba, libur telah tiba, hatiku gembira, hore, hore, hore, hatiku gembira..”

That was the piece of a song that was popularized by Tasya Kamila, a young singer, around the 2000s.  For several years, the song always present when the school holidays arrived. Almost all the television stations provide special treat in holiday, that is TV shows for children. Various cartoon films and educational programs are deliberately programmed for school children who are enjoying the holidays. Children are happy to enjoy television shows. Sometimes they gather at the home of one of the children, then all day enjoying the television screen together.

Besides, being happy with special television programs for children during the holidays, the children often are happy because they play together. This happens very often in the countryside. Children gather in a large area or yard, then play a variety of traditional games, such as rounders, engklek, cirak, enthek, gobak sodor, snakes and ladders, hide and seek, rope jump, and so on. Not only that, it is also common for children who during the holidays help their parents in business. There are also those who spend holidays at the home of grandparents, grandmothers, or relatives. When entering school, the teacher usually assigns children to tell experiences during the holidays so that the popular title of the essay “Holiday to Grandma’s House”.

Children of old time can always make colorful holidays. They did not complain why when holiday they did not visit tourist attractions. They do not complain when spending the holidays only at home. They still make a joyful holiday at home.

Today’s children should be able to think smart and open minded. Vacation isn’t always about playing to tourist attractions. They should realize, a vacation at home can also make them happy. The true vacation is their time off from school activities. If children are aware, there are actually many choices available. They still can continue to hone their talents and abilities, for example in the arts, sports, literature, and so on. Sometimes positive hobbies can be optimally channeled during the holidays because children are not busy with chores or homework.

Many things can be objects of focus for children during the holidays. However, if you want to rely on television shows, the effect is not as good as in the past. Television programs now have minus in education. They display too many representations of teenagers that anxious about love. Meanwhile, traditional games that can practice cohesiveness and increase togetherness are now abandoned. Nowadays, it is rare to see children playing traditional games and looks fun on the home page. Children gather more by holding their respective devices. There was no conversation between them, there were only sentences sent for what emerge on the screen.

When parents are not able to take them to go to tourist attractions, children should still be happy. Holidays that are only spent at home even with tons of work to help parents, they need to be grateful. This can be interpreted as the time to serve parents. During the holidays, children do not have school work so they can spend more time helping parents. Parents have been caring for children since they were still in the womb until they were born and raised. So, children should be grateful during school holidays, they can increase the sense of devotion to parents.

Whatever activities that are carried out during school holidays, the most important thing is to be useful. Children don’t need to complain here and there that their vacation is only at home. Children need to think a little more openly to understand that there are so many things that can be focused on and done during the holidays. After all, everything depends on the point of view and way of looking at something. Enjoy the holidays and make sure the school holidays are not in vain. Assume that the holidays come only once, then make sure your vacation is meaningful!

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