Perjuangan Berjumpa dengan Spotlite

A Struggle to Meet Spotlite

By: Ismi Nurianti

Athlete class students are scheduled to attend training center (TC) activities during school holidays. Automatically my students of class X IPS 3 must also participate. Friday, December 21, 2018 noon until evening, the rain was quite heavy. It made my worry feeling exceed normal limits. I want to see the condition of the members of the Spotlite (Sportive Athlete Social Three). Maybe that Friday night they arrived at Sendiki Beach, their destination. However, there is no one can be contacted.

At 01.43, one of them sent a WhatsApp message that contained, “Ma’am, I’m bloated.” I have already relieved, even though I really want to go and see them.

At 9 o’clock in the morning, I, accompanied by my husband, started the journey and arrived at 12.00. The trip is quite long with less friendly weather. The road becomes muddy and can make the driver fall. The hiking path to reach Sendiki Beach did not dampen my intention to meet them, my children.

Before entering the beach area, it would be nice to stop for a moment to beach area stall, just to drink warm tea and to ask some questions before entering the road in front. Here, I get a story about the origin of our destination beach. That said, Sendiki Beach was discovered by four friends. They share land by planting wooden pegs as markers. Mbah Singo Lelono became the last person to plant a peg. Because of confused, he asked three of his other friends, “Punyaku sing endi iki?” (“Which one is mine?”). The story is said to be the origin of the name Sendiki (sing endi iki). To the left of the beach, we can find a tomb that engraved “Singo Lelono” which makes this story more interesting.

Back to the main story. After s the stall, the journey is still tiring and can even make your legs cramps afterwards. Because, we have to climb the stairs quite long and steep.

When arrived at Sendiki Beach, all worries were gone to see healthy and happy Spotlite members. While enjoying their self-made instant noodles, they laugh under a drizzle that never stops. Gratitude was given to God and my promise to share news and photos of children with parents was immediately sent via a group message. I am sure; their parents are waiting for their news, especially on December 22, right on Mother’s Day.

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