Millennial, Get Ready to Welcome the Industrial Revolution 4.0 – The world that has entered the era of the industrial revolution 4.0 seems no longer a mere figment. Various technologies that have marked the beginning of the industrial revolution 4.0, have begun to be applied in various lines. One of them is artificial intelligence (AI) or artificial intelligence that is growing at this time. Not only for industry, AI was also developed to facilitate human life in other aspects. As written by, Saturday (09/29/2018), the largest telecommunications company in Korea, KT, completed a hotel with artificial intelligence earlier this year. They installed smart speakers in the Novotel Ambassador Hotel and Residences room in Dongdaemun, Seoul. These smart speakers can be used by guests to turn on lights, change television channels, to order towels at room service. In addition to AI, there are four other technologies that support industry 4.0, namely the internet of things, human-machine interface, robotics and sensor technology, and three-dimensional (3D) printing technology. These five technologies are signs that in this era the industry will enter the virtual world and the use of automation machines that are integrated with the internet network. The effect of the application of these five technologies is an increase in production efficiency and an increase in productivity and competitiveness.   Like coins which have two different sides, industry 4.0 not only brings benefits to the industrial sector, but also new challenges for the workforce. As reported by, Wednesday (2/21/2018), the existence of automation or the use of robots in the manufacturing production process allows a reduction in labor, although the amount is not significant. To deal with the changes brought by industry 4.0, Indonesia was prepared to anticipate them. One of them is by increasing the competence of Human Resources (HR) through the link and match program between education and industry. This link and match policy is implemented to ensure that the competencies of Indonesian human resources are in accordance with the needs of digital technology-based industries, such as the industrial revolution 4.0. Millennial generation is not immune to change

As one of Indonesia’s human resources, millennial generation is not immune to the changes brought by the industrial revolution 4.0. This generation born in mid 1980-1999 must prepare for these conditions because the future of Indonesia’s industry and manufacturing is in their hands.  Not only smart and mastering the theory, they must have a high learning ability to follow rapid changes. Especially for those who want to work in engineering and become an engineer. To be able to have a high level of study ability they must train it early on when they start college.  In this case, it is the educational institution that plays an important role in making millennials have high learning abilities. This means that educational institutions must be able to hone their students’ learning abilities to be able to keep pace with changes that occur quickly. Thus they are able to answer the challenges that come with industry 4.0. One of them, as what Universitas Prasetiya Mulya in the School of Applied STEM (Science Technology Engineering & Mathematics). This educational institution designs curricula that train students to have high learning abilities since the first year of college. Millennials, Get Ready to Welcome the Industrial Revolution 4.0 1

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