Vision and Mision of SMA NASIONAL MALANG


“Excellent in Achievement, Noble and Well Mannered in Personality, Creative and Skillful in Daily Life”


  1. Implementing the effective and efficient academic education 
  2. Improving the academic achievement of the students
  3. Developing the fundamental potential of the students
  4. Cultivating the religious practices in daily life
  5. Cultivating the politeness in speech and behaviour
  6. Cultivating the optimistic and persistence
  7. Developing the innovation and creativity
  8. Improving the English skills
  9. Developing the enterpreneurship
  10. Preserving the environment function, preventing the environmental pollution and damage


  1. Creating the successful students within the knowledge as the provision for their future in higher education
  2. Forming the religious and noble personal traits in students
  3. Providing the students with a variety of skills and enterpreneurship so that  able to be the independent and responsible human beings for their future and to be the environmental conservationists pioneers
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