Keep Continuing the Task, KPL Students

SMA Nasional Malang released another second wave of Field Practice Study (KPL) students of Universitas Negeri Malang (UM). “This is sad news for us because we have to release KPL students,” said Drs. Rusdi, M.Sc. in his speech Monday (10/21). In the achievement and school development studio room (SP2S), Mr. Rusdi admitted that the presence of KPL students was very helpful. “I can even say that schools are the one who need KPL students, not UM,” he explained.

The head of the SMA Nasional Malang regretted if there were schools that felt difficult or even refused the presence of KPL students. “If there are schools that felt difficult, then the management needs to be questioned,” he said. According to the Chairperson of Malang City’s Private MKKS, KPL students are fortune because they are seconded personnel. In addition, KPL students are already superior to children because they have already passed SNMPTN and SBMPTN.

Mr. Rusdi advised that KPL students remain open, especially to children. “If they ask questions or have assignments, please help, especially those who already have fans,” said Mr. Rusdi. He had said that the proposed KPL period shpuld be extended, if necessary until one semester.

Responding to the remarks, Dr. Rustanto Rahadi, M.Sc. advised KPL students to follow the messages conveyed by Pak Rusdi. Before that, he asked that KPL students convey their impressions.

Mr. M. Tegar Nur revealed that he was very grateful because he was not only taught how to teach and make lesson plans. “Mr. Rusdi taught us how to manage schools,” he said. The Mathematics Education Department student also hopes that the SMANAS students can get into college. In addition, he hopes M-Gopek can become their charity field to be able to study in college.

“What’s interesting here is that the KPL students are taught how to manage schools,” said Mr. Rustanto. Besides being impressed with that, he also apologized if there were supervisor lecturers who could not accompany them during lesson study. “I am sure that the tutor teacher can guide the KPL students” said the Mathematics lecturer. Regarding the implementation period of the KPL, Mr. Rustanto said that it was related to time. “Because we are bound by time,” he said. KPL students still have to complete responsibilities on campus.

At the end of the event, Pak Rusdi also advised the KPL students to become role models for students later. Even if one day becomes a leader, they also have to set an example, change things with their hands, not with words. “Don’t expect your students to say well if you don’t. Because,  the good ones give an example, “said Mr. Rusdi.

March Tika Wulandari admits she is sad left by KPL students. “From yesterday, I had a chance to prepare for the Olympics with KPL teachers,” said the IPS 2 XI student. He hopes that the KPL students can be successful.

Meanwhile, Mr. Ifan Andriado claimed that the KPL was a new experience. Previously, he had done research at school, but only 1-2 days had gone to school. “Meanwhile, if KPL, it is already like a teacher, every day we present,” said this Sociology teacher. The experience of teaching two classes is also new to Mr. Ifan. He claimed that he is able to compare the characteristics of different children. Pak Ifan was also impressed with the teacher’s habit of welcoming students when they were in the lobby. In addition, what impressed him the most was school management. “These are all truly new experiences that cannot be replaced,” said the KPL student who comes from Sumberpucung. (bya)

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